Homicide Offences

A homicide offence is one of the most serious charges that a person can face in Canada. Under Canada’s Criminal Code, a “culpable homicide” occurs when someone else’s death is caused, either directly or indirectly and without lawful excuse. These offences include murder, manslaughter, and infanticide. Regardless of the offence, all crimes of culpable homicide carry with them extensive sentences. This often means an accused person is facing life imprisonment if found guilty of the crime.

Every charge under a homicide offence requires hours of preparation from an experienced criminal defence attorney, as the consequences of a conviction are extremely severe. Lakin Afolabi has experience defending clients accused of homicide offences in the Windsor Ontario area. If you, or someone you know, has been charged or is being investigated for a homicide offence, give Lakin Afolabi a call now for a consultation.

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