Property Offences

Property offences encompass many charges under Canada’s Criminal Code, and range from more minor offences like theft and shoplifting to quite serious offences such as robbery or arson. Typically speaking, a property offence will involve an allegation that some property owned or belonging to a person was taken, damaged, or otherwise interfered with by someone else. The following is a non-exhaustive list of common property offences in Canada, and the respective section under the Criminal Code:

  • Robbery (s. 344)
  • Break and Enter (s. 348)
  • Forceable Entry (s. 74)
  • Theft (s. 334)
  • Theft of a Motor Vehicle (s. 333.1)
  • Possession of Stolen Property (s. 355)
  • Fraud (s. 380)
  • Mischief (s. 430)
  • and Arson (ss. 433 and 434)

Property offences can appear minor in nature, but the consequences of a criminal conviction in these matters can be devastating to a person’s personal life and reputation. Any accused person should therefore always seek experienced legal counsel in order to ensure they receive the best defence possible. Lakin Afolabi is a criminal defence attorney in Windsor Ontario, who has received many positive results defending individuals charged with property offences.

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