Theft and Frauds

Theft is a common type of property offence, and can include everything from minor shoplifting to large scale theft of cars and other valuable items of property. While they may appear like minor offences to some, theft will almost always have serious consequences on the personal and professional life of the accused is he/she is convicted. In many cases, a person can be accused of shoplifting even though it may have been an accident, and he/she never truly had an intention to steal anything.

Fraud can similarly have dire consequences on the professional reputation of an accused person. A fraud occurs when a person, through some type of deceitful act, deprives another person of money, property, or valuable security. Cases of fraud can be very complex, as there is often a lot of documentation and paperwork put forward by the prosecutor to try and prove the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

It is therefore essential that anyone charged with a theft or fraud offence seek experienced legal counsel as soon as possible to defend these charges. Lakin Afolabi has experience defending persons charged with all types of theft and fraud in Windsor, Ontario. Regardless of the circumstances, if you or someone you know has been charged with theft or fraud.

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